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Let’s be real. You don’t want or need another freebie. You just want my two cents in your inbox. I’ve got you right here:

When going at it alone hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be or in the life, love, and work you want to have, you need a new set of eyes on the problem.

You’ve done the therapy. You’ve gotten the coaching. You’ve read the books. You’ve listened to the podcasts. Hell, you may have even tried daily yoga and the 5am wakeup. (I really, really hope you just skipped the ice cold shower thing) But still, something isn’t working.

Personal development isn’t about learning more. It’s not about talking more, either. It’s about understanding and accepting yourself more. Then, it’s about getting crystal clear and unapologetic with yourself and others so that you can set yourself up for better success.

The path toward that awareness is rarely clear. We don’t always know what we don’t know. There are feelings involved. There are other people involved. It can get downright messy.

Supposed gurus like to oversimplify things with “just get up”, “wash your face”, or “remember, you are a badass” and then when it’s just not that easy for you, you feel like you are doing it wrong.

Anyone who has done any real personal development knows this stuff isn’t easy. They know, too, that you don’t just get to skip the hard or inconvenient parts.

You have to show up.You have to say hard things. You have to do hard things. And you don’t always know how.

It’s Ok. You’ve got this and I’ve got you. My superpower is my insight- figuring out what’s really going on for you so you can get clarity on what to do next. Bonus: I don’t take forever to do it.

Traditional therapy and coaching gets you locked into thinking about things for an hour at a time for several weeks at a time. That’s not how I roll, though.

I get in, get out, and get you on your way.

A little less talk and a lot more action.

Heather Gray Consulting | Mindset Coaching for Online Business Owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs
  • You don’t need to recount every detail of your life or process every feeling. You just need out of the rabbit hole of analysis paralysis that you’ve dug yourself into.
  • You do need an outside perspective to dig in and look around at what you might be missing or why what you’re doing isn’t working.
  • You’re ready to do the work and take the steps, once, of course, you know what they are. (Don’t you worry. That’s where I come in.)

I work with usually confident women who find themselves in unfamiliar territory–stuck in their feelings, spinning in circles of overwhelm, self doubt and dissatisfaction–and caught without a plan.


Personal Development Intensives are designed to get you back on track with your life. Get clear. Get focused. And get on with it. Let’s meet so we can get started.

Personal Development Intensives for Hard Times and Hard Things

Concentrated time to focus on what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done so you can feel better faster.

  • This isn’t your momma’s personal therapy and it isn’t the latest puffed up online coaching offer, either. We’re doing it differently. We’re digging in together for a two week experience designed to get you back in control, feeling better, and armed with a plan.
  • Traditional sessions end at 60 minutes. By the time you offer me the necessary background information or offer details, time is nearly up and there’s little left for the actual game plan.
  • Working together for 2 1/2 hours (give or take), we make room for the hard feelings and examine all of the moving parts without needing to rush to the ending. Once we have it all on the table, we still have ample time to gear up and figure out a plan for you and then, as you move through those next steps, you don’t lose me. You’ve still got me for two weeks of background support.
  • You leave the meeting feeling confident about your next steps while knowing I still have your back.

The steps:

  • We’ll set our time together up for success. If there’s anything I need to know beforehand to be ready for the call, I’ll ask it.
  • We’ll dig in to where it hurts, how you have been feeling, what hasn’t worked.
  • I’ll help you connect the dots and reconnect to yourself and what you need.
  • We’ll map out the plan for next steps: how you’re going to take care of yourself, what you need to say, and what you need to do.
  • For the next two weeks, you don’t take your next first steps alone. If you have a question or need support, I’ve got you.

Don’t need to go that deep?

Just need my take on a pressing issue?

I’ve got you there, too. Book yourself in to get going right away.

What got you here isn’t going to get you there.