Heather Gray

When It’s About Your Life & Work

This isn’t your first rodeo. I know you know your way around the personal development section of your bookstore.

You’ve read all the things. You’ve tried a few things. You may have even found yourself in front of another coach or therapist a time or two.

Yet, here you are. Left holding the bag, wondering what to do next. When it comes to identifying your blind spots, experience matters.

I know what you’re thinking…

If it was your decisions that got you to this place, how can you trust yourself to get out? Besides, it wasn’t anyone’s fault that you chose this life and now some people might be hurt or directly affected by the changes you intend to make.

Here’s the thing… you’re carrying this weight around you wherever you go. As you try to be the best partner, parent, friend, worker, person you can be — you’re being weighed down by this pile of hard.

By learning to drop the weight, you are not only becoming better for yourself but you’re able to be better for everyone who needs you, cares about you, and benefits from your existence. You have to do this for yourself. It’s the only way it works but that doesn’t mean others won’t benefit from your hard work and commitment.

What might it be like if you looked at your life and were able to find your breath? How might things change if you were in a life that you didn’t want to run away from? What else might you be capable of?

Imagine what it could be like if…

Your friend called and you were able to say “I finally figured it out. I know what I need to do and I have a plan”.

You were free of the burden and the weight that comes with silence. Your truth was out there and you weren’t hiding from it or running from it. You were dealing with it and you were ok.

You could look yourself in the mirror and smile because you had finally done it. You finally made the change. You said the hard thing. You did the hard thing. You stayed true to yourself and went after the life you really wanted.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? It’s time to book a call. It’s actually past time but you already knew that.