Heather Gray

About Heather

Let’s be real. You don’t want or need another freebie. You just want my two cents in your inbox. I’ve got you right here:

Hi and welcome.

Let’s start this conversation honestly, shall we? While you might be curious to know whether or not I have kids (I don’t), whether or not I have a dog (not yet), and how I like to spend my free time (traveling to national parks, making a Sunday dinner, and listening to true crime podcasts), none of that is really going to help you decide whether or not I am the right person to help you.

What may help you decide is my experience.

You won’t be my first client. Or my 10th. Or my 100th. Beyond my education (a Masters in Social Work), I ran a brick and mortar counseling business for 10 years. Now, working online, I use my insight and experience to help people feel better and live better faster.

As a personal development and growth expert, I am so over the self-help crap that gets tossed around in the spirit of “motivation.”

Novices like to imply that mental wellness and personal development are simply about being positive. They also like to rile you up with empowering imagery and remind you that you are a do-er, an action taker, fierce, and strong. They think they’ll earn brownie points with you if they drop an F bomb or two and call you a badass.

Here’s what I know to be true:

  • You can be the most positive person you know and still, you can get stuck and tied up in old, tired stories you have about yourself or with unsettled baggage from your past.
  • You can know the value of having your emotional experience, can honor and trust your feelings, but still find yourself unsure as to what you are actually supposed to do with them.
  • You can know what isn’t working, know that you have to say or do something differently and struggle finding the right words or necessary steps.
  • You can take all kinds of action and still find yourself spinning, feeling unsure when making decisions and be intimidated by those really big, scary dreams you have for yourself and your life.
  • You can have everything you always thought you wanted and be in the life you designed and still unexpectedly find yourself unhappy, weighed down, and feeling trapped.
  • Our thoughts influence and determine our behavior. To act differently, you need to do more than think differently. You need to understand yourself better. It’s this new understanding that will change your thoughts and empower you to change your behavior.

Heather Gray, MSW

My zone of genius is helping you find your blind spots — the hidden and buried stories that are getting in the way of the life you want to have and how you would rather be thinking and feeling. I translate your confusing thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior into manageable and understandable pieces so you can get clear on what you need to do differently for the life, love, and work you want.

You haven’t come this far to only come this far.