Heather Gray

It’s called burnout because like any fire, it spreads.

Offering custom solutions for your life, your work, or the team you lead.

For You

Caught on the hamster wheel of analysis paralysis? Staring at a corner you painted yourself into? You don’t want to take a wrecking ball to your life but your life is burning you out.

What if you could get off the ride, find your footing, and take those first steps toward a life that you don’t want to escape? No wrecking ball required.

For Your Team

Your team’s wellness and your company’s bottom line are not mutually exclusive.

Improve morale, preserve longevity, and increase efficacy with training and coaching that fosters resilience, values wellness, and builds upon strengths and talent.

Jill Stanton


Heather is the entrepreneur whisperer. She has the experience and training to back what she says. I talked about real things and hard feelings and didn’t feel judged. I felt heard, respected, and understood. She skips the “drink green tea” and morning mantra BS and instead offers actionable skills. Heather sees us and her gift is in helping us see ourselves.